Friday, January 28, 2011

finding the time.

I find it so difficult to sit and find the time to write.  I desire to, but I get so caught up in catching up with everyone else's blogs that I forget to post in my!  I am learning, very slowly, how this whole blog thing works.  I even checked a book out at the library to help me!  Kind of funny, I know.  But, I plan on figuring it out though, and soon I will be a consistent writer! 
I have had a good week this week.  It's been busy, but good.  I got to dye my god-daughter's hair yesterday.  It's a long story, she is 15.  Her mom had her at the age of 16 and I was a big part of their life when she was young.  She was the flower girl in my wedding, at age 4.  Time went on, I started my own family and we lost touch.  After coming back from Morocco, her mom has leaned on me for some help and we have stepped in.  I pick her up from school everyday and she spends the afternoons with our family.  I pray with all my heart that God grabs a hold of her heart. She needs him so desperately and I pray that I can be just a small reflection of Him to her.  It isn't always easy, but I hope and pray that she finds Him.  She got out of school early yesterday and I took her to the beauty store.  We found some fun stuff to dye her hair, which she has been wanting to do.  I knew if I didn't help, she'd buy some cheap stuff and really mess up her hair.  She wanted red and she has black hair which is not easy to color.  I wanted her to do it right, so we tried!  It was a lot of fun for me.  One, because I don't really ever get to do a girls hair. Two, I got to spend some good time with her and get to know her a little better, and three, in case you didn't know, someday I want to really learn how to cut and color hair!  So, I enjoy it!  But definitely need some training, I think I got bleach and hair dye everywhere! Hahaha! 

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