Sunday, January 23, 2011

A fun weekend

I just have a minute to update.  I have to say I love boys! 
I got to have my nephews this weekend-that is 7 boys altogether!  Wow!  That's a lot of energy, but we had a blast.  We took them to the community center on Friday for open gym and the kids got to play ping pong, basketball, jump on a trampoline and run around.  Normally, in this setting because all of my kids had a playmate I would have watched them play from the sidelines and "relaxed" for a minute.  But, because I have been challenged to engage myself more with them, I got right out there with them!  And, it ended up being really fun.  I played wall ball with the bigger boys, nerf hockey with the little ones, and then shot hoops with everyone!  I laughed a lot and it was fun watching all the boys get their energy out, not to mention I was burning calories in the process too!  That's always a great thing for me!!!
Saturday was pretty much dedicated to soccer watching and church!  It was a great weekend!  And did I say, I LOVE those BOYS!!!!  All of them.  They play so well together and it is such a delight having them all with us.  People think I am crazy to cram 7 little guys into this small house of ours, but it works great and it really is so fun, lots of work, YES, but really enjoyable! 
Well, that's my weekend in a flash.  I'll write again soon when I have a little more time!

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