Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Weekend Enjoyed!

It was a good weekend.  We had a pretty low key day on Saturday, which I love.  We spent the morning at  home, cleaning, cooking, watching cartoons, then...I went on the dreaded 9 mile run~!  I made it!  It was tough at times but it was a good run.  I was exhausted afterwards.

A friend of ours had a birthday party that night and so my mom came and stayed with the boys.  Yep, we were out until 1am thank you very much!  I think after having kids, late nights are harder to do because it took everything out of me the next day.  We went with a big group of people to a Karaoke Bar and had a blast.  We sang, danced, screamed conversation to each other because the music was so load, and just had a great time being out together.  Oh and for the record, NO, I didn't sing!  I just watched everyone else sing and sang from the sidelines,hahaha!  I cannot carry a note for the life of me and don't dare ever blasting this lovely voice on a mic!

Sunday we just hung out at home in the morning.  Believe it or not, but we didn't have any Superbowl plans this year and so the boys just started watching the game while I got myself together to go to a birthday party for a friend of our boys.  We were invited to Big Al's.  OH my goodness!  That was the place to be for Superbowl.  HUGE TV screens everywhere, the kids got to watch AND bowl and then after it was over they got to eat pizza, birthday cake and then go and spend $10 on video games-the people throwing the party gave that to each child.  Crazy, I know, but WHAT a huge blessing because the boys had SO much fun! 

I am not sure what it was about the evening, but 2x I had two different couples come up to me and hand me their extra tickets and money cards to let the boys have!  We ended up getting an extra $14 (each boy got $10 already, so we had a total of $44 to spend on arcade games), tons of tickets, (like 600),  and each of the boys actually walked away with some cool prizes from the prize store!  Talk about a little boys paradise- hahaa!!! Very cool. 

It's ways like that that God looks out for us and reminds me of the little ways he loves me!  It's all in the little blessings, but they are so significant.  When we got home and to bed that night, we prayed thanking God for such a wonderful family day and that he blesses us so much in small ways!  He is a GREAT God!

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